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Starting with SmartEdit 7 (and BogartSE) one can use the Casablanca to record "stop-motion" videos using any DV (only) video source. Here's how:


With your video source OFF, connect it to your Casablanca via Firewire, then turn it ON.
  1. Go to the Record screen and select Mode/Stop M.

  2. This will bring up a sub-menu which has three settings of note. Frames/s, Select Scene, and Display.

  • Frames/s can be set between 1.5 and 30. This setting really determines haw many frames of video are recorded each time you select Record. At 1.5 20 identical frames are recorded for each Record selection and at 30 one frame is recorded each time.

  • Select Scene lets you decide whether the recorded frames are appended to an existing edit bin clip or just create a completely new clip. If you want a new clip just leave Select Scene untouched.

  • Display lets you decide whether the background display is of the live video source (live) or the display is a continuous loop of the frames that you have recorded (loop)

  1. Now just click the Record button to record one or more frames of the video source. If you are doing something like "claymation" you would then move your scene figures to the next position and record the next frame(s). (Hint: If you click on the Opt button you can activate a "record with right button" option so you can just right click to make a recording.)
That's all there is to it!
An example of using the stop-motion
record capability of SmartEdit 7