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Comparing Bogart for Windows Editions

X = Included in this edition
W = Function only with Windows
C = Function only with standalones

Bronze Silver Gold
Automatic power off the device during periods of inactivity is possible C C
Operation can be optimised for a mouse or trackball use W W W
Screen resolution (font and graphic size) in three variations can be selected X X X
Screen colours are adjustable X X
Data directory of the video scenes and audio tracks can be moved to another internal hard disk partition W W W
Frequently used effects highlighted and are easier to locate X X
Effects can be detected in an editable favorites lists X
Color-raising for desktop and video window for PC screen adjustable W W W
Auxiliary Text display can be switched on / off X X
IR Keyboard remote control can turn on / off C
Sound by calculation leaves piece of music and time change to X X
Pointer can be increased at higher resolutions C C
Multiple selection of list items in the clipboard X
Optional HDMI 1080p screen mode for the latest Casablancas C
Original tape timecode of your camcorder can be displayed X
Overscan area of ​​the screen can be adjusted in apparent size and position X
Quick-dial icons for quickly switching between different parts of the program X X X
Faster operation by use of additional small buttons on the trackball X
Special characters can be entered using the onscreen keyboard C C
Language of user interface can be changed (14 languages ​​to choose from) X X X
Languages ​​for a keyboard can be set C C
Storyboard and scene bin image sizes selectable X X
Scene bin optionally one or more lines X X
Timecode display in the professional format (hh: mm: ss: ff) X
VGA computer screens can be used C
Two monitor operation possible X
Record-Import Bronze Silver Gold
Audio modulation display and adjustable level control when video recording C C
Record Options: Time, Photo, Interval C C
Automatic split of recorded footage into individual scenes C C
Camcorders which can import AVCHD directly can be integrated as a USB removable disk X X X
AVCHD import optionally as a continuous film instead of individual scenes X
AVCHD scenes can be shortened when importing X X
Photo import can set the length of the scenes to be created X X
Adjustable brightness, contrast, and color saturation with analog feeds C C
Adjustment of AVCHD brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma and volume possible during import X
Recorder control via Firewire C
Section detection of scenes either via interface information of the camera or time jumps (if available)/td> X
Video import for popular video formats (MPEG-2, H.264, etc) X X X
Preview when importing AVCHD footage W X X
Processing Bronze Silver Gold
Supports 21:9 widescreen (CinemaScope) projects and presentation X
Archive for frequently used sample images X X
Audio tone curve shown for scenes X
Splitting longer video movies into individual scenes depends on the video resolution setting X X X
Splitting and trimming with optional display of two or four images X X
Automatic insertion and removal of effects X
Calculate out the storyboard from the Edit screen X X
Ranging on Finish screen X X
Scenes or pieces of music already used on the storyboard can be hidden X X
Titling with full screen display, multiple text panels, graphics integration, 3D and shadow effects, etc. X X X
Image correction effects (sharpen, brightness / contrast / saturation / gamma, color correction, color depth, etc. X X X
Pattern selection allows colorising of images X X
Picture, edge, and edge covers are adjustable X
Effect calculation in the background ("Smart Rendering") X
Effects with accelerated and decelerated movement definable X
Effect lengths can be individually stored X
Effect preview in real time X X X
Effect preview with loop mode for simplified control of settings X
Effect lists representations can be filtered to separate additional products/td> X X
Single image preview of effects to be calculated X X X
Single image preview with additional options (original and effect middle / small) X X
Single image preview with additional options comparison, the middle / small) X
Group mappings and filters for video scenes and audio tracks X
Information display for scenes are extended X X
Insert function for superimposing video scenes with picture while the sound of the original scene remains X X X
Multiple selection of scenes with functions for moving, swapping, copying, deleting, Clipboard X
Pattern selection allows you to add your own images (from scenes or imported, including transparency X
Progressive project formats (e.g., AVCHD 1280x720p24) are possible X
30 instead of 10 projects X X
Project name can be assigned X X X
Projects can be copied (complete, only storyboard only scene bin, only audio samples) X X
Reference image can be selected individually for each scene X X
Special effects for still, slow motion,fast motion, reverse, strobe playback of scenes X X X
Search for scenes X X
Unlimited length storyboard (20 minutes for Demo version) X X X
Insert, remove, replace scenes X X X
Scene-generating effects for the scene bin X X X
Export scenes as an AVI file at three quality levels X X X
Scenes generator for countdown, color bars, patterns, etc. with adjustable length X X X
Timeline mode with various options for video and audio X
Title Effects (moving pages, fade-roll, scrolling, roll books, over dazzling pages, etc.) X X X
Trim Scenes for frame-accurate cut, Play function of the first and last 3 seconds X X X
UNDO function for erroneously deleted scene from the scene bin X X X
Transition effects with freely adjustable length X X X
Period function for shifting inserts X X X
More clipboard features (access to other projects, multiple selection, improved 4:3 16:9 conversion, etc.) X
Clipboard to exchange scenes between projects (including format conversion) X X
Audio Bronze Silver Gold
Audio envelope with a large display for precise volume adjustment of pieces of audio X X X
Audio envelope can be edited with the period function X
Import of MP3 audio X X X
Audio scrubbing and envelope when trimming and splitting X
Split function for imported audio clips X X X
Split pieces of music can be copied directly into the storyboard or timeline X
Export of audio clips as MP3 at different quality levels X X X
Audio generator for sine wave, side-scrolling, camera clicking, glass clink, gong, etc. X X X
Volume of audio clips can be changed and set to affect other soundtracks X X X
Live Commentary recording during video playback C C
Several effects applied to sound tracks (with restrictions) possible X
Sorting option for audio clips X X
Timeline view in its own window X X
Fade In/Out with variable length X X X
Insert, remove, replace, and position frame-accurate of audio clips X X X
Audio track control (on/off, free / bound) X
Tracks for comment and music X X X
Sound tracks for dubbing increased from three to six X X
Audio clip generating function X X X
Audio track trimming for frame-accurate cut, Play function of the first and last 3 seconds X X X
Special effects (swap channel,copy, modify, base width, regulate left/right, Prologic IIsurround setup etc. X X X
Special effects can be applied to entire track X X X
Variable tone control for transitions X
Switching from stereo to mono for audio recording C C
Offset correction for image audio playback X
Preview of audio effects X X
Playback volume (eg for laptops) can be controlled X
Miscellaneous Bronze Silver Gold
Arabesk DVD/BD authoring software included (except Demo version) C C C
Arabesk DVD/BD authoring software available as an additional option W W W
Archive function for various settings X
Integration of logo/graphic, timecode, date and time in output video X
Export of finished projectss as an AVI file with different levels of quality/data rate X X X
Export possible in multiple formats X X X
Hard disks can be designated X
Media Manager functionality (import / export, network, archive management, etc)/td> C C
Import of TrueType fonts for titling, menu design, etc. X
Effects and Fonts Included X X X